Magic exists, we just don't call it by that name.

Hi, I'm Ashris! I am currently a visiting student at the MIT Media Lab at the Fluid Interfaces Group. I did my undergrad in IIT Kharagpur studying Architecture. I fuse my skills in designing and programming to create products that engage and educate people. My interests lie in the intersection of technology, design and philosophy - a place I identify as the hotbed of creativity.

I think inventions around us are time-capsules that preserve creativity passed down to us across generations. By actualizing ideas into things, we immortalize ourselves. My research interests are centered around building social empathy into technology through gamification, visualization and immersion. I like to take complicated things and make them simpler.

Thank you for your time to go through my website. You can reach me via email or Facebook.

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selected projects
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An Augmented Reality application that makes learning physics fun through interactive spatial experiences.
An data visualization project that illustrates facts about India through animated cartograms.
Music transformed into rose through traced motion of a cube controlled the musical frequency.
An attempt to quantify happiness and make a formula. 713 test subjects and study of 11 major features.
An artistic experience to trace how your identity has moulded in subtle ways over the years.
Gamification based platform to reinforce good traffic behavior. Top 10 in India in GE Edison Challenge.
Product lets loved ones transcend physical boundaries by synchronizing spatial presence through smell.
A conceptual musical instrument that enables users to create sounds by manipulating shapes.
Product (in-development) boosts retention rate of MOOC courses through an incentive based system for learners.
Gamified messaging platform that stimulates deep poignant conversations, much like the 2.2 road in IIT KGP.
A community platform that encourages users to share their sorrows, rants and anxieties with others.
Twitter Bot that creates fictional fantasy moons every half an hour since 24th September 2016.
Art installation that responds to music by syncing its motion with the dominant frequency of a musical note.
Real time visualization of trippy desi music with generative geometry built using beat amplitude data.
Portal of memories of nostalgia from the good old India of the 90's. 1.8k+ likes and 250+ shares till date.
The Chrome Extension that skips user marked 'redundant' portions of video lectures, thus saving collective time.
A Messenger bot that acts as a global Lost and Found – Winner, GES Hackathon 2016 at IIT Kharagpur
A Chrome extension built for the LTTK community to recommend favorite songs to their college-mates.
Gameplay to guide a group of non-experts through the creation of collaborative architectural designs.
Electronics + Fabrication + Design projects of 'How to make (almost) anything' course at Fablab.
VR + ML based framework developed for architects to get realtime cognitive analysis of their spatial design.
Famous personalities describing their identity in first person basis using tweets that other people have used for them.
Algorithms to automate the task of urban planning by taking in citizen contributed data.
Pattern generator that lets children create shapes such as cardoids and nephroids (Desktop only)
Made the Chrome game voice-activated to prank my cousins into believing I posess magic.
Interactive wireless Mandala pattern generated via accelerometer data transmitted via OSC messages.
Augmented reality app made with Vuforia that summons Pokemons on different notes of Indian currencies.

Automated Site Analysis by Method of Overlay | Link

I devised a numerical method to automate the (really boring) process of zoning a site for an architectural project by taking into account climatological and toplogical input from the architect.

Alumni Class Gift, IIT Kharagpur | Link

I designed a 15 feet tall structure dedicated to the Alumni Batch of 1972 of IIT Kharagpur. The designed evolved through a series of sketches and initial walkthrough renders.

ETH Zurich, Switzerland, May - Aug '15

I interned under Prof. Gerhard Schmitt at the Chair of Information Architecture. I implemented machine learning to create tools that enable architects to design spaces with greater control on the cognitive response of the user.

Based on my performance and enthusiasm, I was offered a research project at Bauhaus University, Weimar.

Witworks, Bangalore, Dec '15 - Jan '16

I was the Product Design intern at Witworks, a tech startup founded by alumni of my university in Bangalore. I worked on their second product called 'Blink', an IoT wearable that provide access to services on-the-go.

Through the branding campaign and media content, I helped increase the brand visibility and social media outreach to 16k Facebook followers.

Fablab CEPT, Ahmedabad, May - Aug '14

As a maker intern, I developed 'The Musical Facade', a dynamic screen that responds to music with motion. I did hands-on programming, electronic design, digitial fabrication to materialize my ideas into things.

I got accepted to the Smartgeometry 2014 based on my work at FabLab, being the youngest international delegate at the conference.

Smartgeometry 2016, Sweden, 4 - 9 Apr

I was selected in the '20,000 Blocks' Cluster headed by DU Darmstadt at Smartgeometry 2016. We worked on a gamified architectural platform to allow non-architects be an active part of the design process while having fun.

Smartgeometry 2014, Hong Kong, 14 - 19 Jul

In the 2014 edition, I was part of the 'Design Space Exploration' Cluster headed by ETH Zurich. We worked on devising algorithms that automated urban planning by taking subjective user input into consideration.

GES 2017 Hackathon

I was the Winner at Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 Hackathon organized by Gupshup. I built a Messenger chatbot that helped people find their missing items by pairing them with people in a 7 kilometer radius zone who have reported a found report to the bot matching their description. Source can be found here.

GE Edison Challenge 2016

My team 'Trafix' was the Finalist ( Top 10 in India ) in the GE Edison Challenge 2016. We built an app prototype that uses gamificiation to make following traffic rules fun. Trafix uses route planning algorithms on crowdsourced data to predict traffic congestion and plan individual trips in a way that optimizes the overall traffic.

Tata Social Entreprise Challenge 2016

I was the Quarter Finalist ( Top 40 in India ) at Tata Social Enterprise Challenge 2016 for 'Pullypal', a social initiative that focuses on generating employment through rural tourism. Pullypal offers a unique experience to travelers who wish for a more immersive cultural and social experience in their travel.

Inspiring Minds, IIT Kharagpur

Spring Fest, IIT Kharagpur launched a series called 'Inspiring Minds' featuring students and alumni who are an inspiring role model for the student community and I was honored to be included in the list ^_^

Internshala Remarkable Internships

My blog about my experience at ETH as a research intern got selected as a 'remarkable internship' by Internshala, India's largest portal for student internships.


HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, Node, Express, Mongo, Handlebars,


Processing, OpenFrameworks, p5js, threejs, d3


Python, Javascript, C, C++


Tensorflow, R, MATLAB


Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Rhino + Grasshopper


Arduino, Raspberry Pi

You can check out the other things I do here.


My Myers-Briggs Type Indicator(MBTI) is INFP [Introvert | iNtuitive | Feeling | Prospecting]. The favorite people I share my type with are Kurt Kobain, Bill Watterson, Lana Del Rey, and Calvin. You can find yours here.


I make movies about things that strike a chord with me. 'Sweeten' is both about nothing and many things at once. I made it on my visit to Sweden, and hence the pun. 'Melancholic Times' is shot in the ancient city 'Hampi'; it captures moments of contrasting inner peace and turmoil. I also make not-so-serious videos, mostly Indian college-centric ones under the banner of 'Spectecool' (34k+ views). While at it, you may also like to see me being kicked out of my comfort zone performing stand up comedy over here. I click pictures of pretty places here.


I pen down my thoughts on issues I care about on Medium and answer questions that I think will be of use to others on Quora. Some articles that I like are: The Open Cage: Modern Day Slavery and Religion 2.0.

My article on consumer behavior titled 'The Irrational Consumer' was published in Economica, the publication on economics and public policy by Economics Club, IIT Delhi.

Questions I've answered about architecture: What are the most well architected buildings in the world?, , What career paths combine computer science and architecture?, What is the difference between a 'space' and a 'place' in architecture?

and some general ones: Why is money not the most important thing in life?, What is a paradigm shift?, Why are some languages written with straight lines while others with curved lines?, How can I visualize 4D shapes in my mind?


I am part of the LGBTQ support group in my campus called 'Ambar' which is trying to sensitize the student community about gender diversity and make the campus a better place for all students irrespective of their orientation.


As the member of the Debating Society, I have represented IIT Kharagpur in four national tournaments: National Law University Asian Parliamentary Debate 2012, IIT Bombay British Parliamentary Debate 2013, IIT Delhi Asian Parliamentary Debate 2013 and Kalinga School of Law Asian Parliamentary Debate 2012. I am also the Winner of the National Level Debate at Spring Fest 2015 that had 300+ participants. I was the Director of Communications at Model United Nations too in 2013.


As the Executive Editor of The Scholars' Avenue, the campus newsbody of IIT Kharagpur, I am responsible to launch new projects and ensure their execution. I mostly take up creative assignments such as 'The Happiness Project', 'The Marauder's Map', 'The KGP Society Periodic Table', 'KGP: Year in Review' and such. Under my leadership, the media body has seen a rise in the Facebook followers to 36k+ and monthly readership to 10k+


I have a love-hate relationship with Architecture. To me, Architecture is a field which in its essence is as surreal as poetry or music but has been reduced to the stature of make-up for real estate. I think Architecture is more about the soul and the mind than about buildings. I do not inted to pursue the field in the way it is practiced, but I do value the impact of the architectural design process in all of my works. For my undergrad thesis (to be completed by July 2017), I am designing the 'Centre for Emotional Technology and Artificial Intelligence' that shall embody everything I have learnt and wish to give back to architecture.

Thank you for your time. You can find my resume here.